Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to the Global Feast, a celebration of world cuisine and friendship.

Started by Jane, who calls no place and every place home (not an army brat but close), and Susan who has serious travel lust, Global Feast is a celebration of world cuisine.  Founded six months ago, the Global Feast offers a monthly foray into the secrets of cooking around the world, brought to you by people who grew up eating it. We are seven "global gourmet girlfriends", the GG's for short, each from a different part of the world, who enjoy tasting the world! 

Arlene's a New York City girl with roots in Jamaica. 
Chantal's from a vineyard in France. 
Jane now lives at her 22nd address; this one's in L. A.
Laura, a French citizen,  is perpetually gripped by the desire to be elsewhere. 
Shushan was born in Armenia.
Srila grew up in India.
Susan, a Californian with New Orleans roots and an Italian soul

America is a melting pot and the best part are the ingredients, the world flavors that create such an incredible diversity of dining experiences, and the people who brought them.  Join us as we share, simmer and savor together!

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